I’ve grown to love this song this Christmas season. It is a reflection of the real meaning of Christmas. I’d like to share it with you today:

A lot of people talk about the “real meaning” of Christmas. Of course, in an absolute sense it is just an arbitrary season that can take on whatever meaning society assigns to it. As an INTJ, I won’t deny that. But historically, the meaning our culture has given it is to remember the birth of a guy called Jesus.

“But why is that important?” ask some skeptics. “But what does that have to do with Lennon?” ask the other skeptics.

I recently asked a pastor why he was a Christian. Like, really, why. “How do you know you aren’t just taking on the way your family and culture do things?” the skeptic in me asks. He acknowledges that those factors played a role. But there was also a time when he did not consider himself at all a Christian. What led him to choose the latter, over all other possibilities? “I couldn’t respect a god who created yet was aloof, who didn’t care about us enough to become one of us and share in life in this world. And I couldn’t help but respect a God who did.”

That’s what Christmas is about. The immanence of the divine. And all that it brings. The unity within diversity, the healing of divisions, the mystery of radical and universal love and peace, the freedom from fear, the reality of the impossible, the manifestation and promise of the dreamers, the here-and-now – if you want it – of the only kingdom without boundaries or borders, what Jesus called the kingdom of heaven.

And that’s something worth celebrating.